Holt Dog Park is a safe and relaxed space for you to train and exercise your dog(s) hassle free!

We understand the need for daily dog walking and have built a park that caters for all types of dogs.

We have a large 2 acre field available which can be hired on an exclusive basis.

The field includes agility equipment such as a see-saw, a spider climber, tractor wheels, weaving poles and jumps! 

The park is perfect to practice recall especially for young or temperamental dogs! There is also a sensory garden with a variety of dog friendly plants to sniff and explore.

We also have an open shelter with water supply available and a new coffee machine which takes card payment! The coffee machine is open everyday from 8am. ** Please note our due to recent bad weather, both our shelters were damaged in the storm so we are doing our upmost to source a new one! **

Terms And Conditions

Any violations to these terms of conditions may lead to removal of all future rights to use our field. 

We value the safety, security and freedom of an enclosed space away from footpaths and other public spaces. 

We would advise keeping your dog(s) on the lead in the car park and anywhere other than within the fenced dog park vicinity. The reasoning for this is mainly for the dogs safety if there is more than one vehicle per booking. Please note this is down the customers discretion.

The 50 minute slots are designed with a ten minute changeover to allow the customer to safetly exit with their dog. In this time, the next customer should wait and park safely outside the car park until the previous customer has left.

All dog owners are responsible for picking up their own dog waste and putting in the bins provided. 

The dog park perimeter fencing is checked daily for cleanliness and security. If you have any concerns or would like to report any damages, please notify us by emailing us from the contact page.

If your dog is showing signs of kennel cough, diarrhoea or vomiting you must cancel your session.

The Dog Park will be frequently mowed and looked after to ensure your dog has the best time! 


Owners of banned or
restricted breeds, such as the XL Bully, must adhere to all regulations
stipulated by DEFRA and any government appointed bodies concerning the
ownership and management of such breeds on the day they use our private field.


Specific Requirements

  If the
household has more than 1 dog, they can come to the field together if they have
a minimum of 1 handler. All dogs leads and muzzles can be removed once in the
field including the XL Bully/banned breed.

Field Sharing: Shared use of the field with other
dogs is permissible if they are from the same household. If you are mixing dogs
from different households, this is only permitted if the dogs are
acquainted, amicable, and devoid of aggression history.

Muzzle Protocol
& Lead Usage:
entry and exit, a muzzle must be worn, and it can only be removed after all
gates are securely closed/locked. The muzzle must be reinstated before opening
the gates when departing. Use leads upon entry and exit until inside the main
field with gates securely closed/locked; reverse this process when leaving.

must possess correct public liability insurance and email us a copy before your

Neutering and
must be neutered and microchipped in line with Government rules.

Secure Gates: Ensure gates (including the car park
gates) are securely closed and locked during field use.

 Agree to
adhere to any supplementary rules mandated by our insurers or any reasonable
requests from Holt Dog Park, its representatives, or insurers in case of an

General Terms and
with all our usual T&Cs above.

You must email us
with a copy of your Insurance paperwork after booking and before
first attendance. 

At Holt Dog Park, we
believe in providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all dogs, and we
appreciate your cooperation in upholding these guidelines for the well-being of
everyone involved.